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Come Fly With Me" Chapter 26

Title: "Come Fly With Me"
Rating:  Adult concepts- but not explicit this chapter.

Spoilers/Disclaimers :  Torchwood, belongs to the BBC and RTD, I’m just borrowing the characters.

Summary: Torchwood characters in a story set in the glamorous world of international travel!

A/N:  A short and soppy chapter, in which Jack and Ianto reach a decision…

Chapter list:  http://wanda1969.livejournal.com/12215.html

Chapter 26



Jack looked down at the blue eyes, now darkened, below him as they fluttered half shut. As he pushed yet deeper and harder into Ianto he could tell that the stuttering, shallow breaths that the other man was taking meant he was close to coming, just as he himself was. That very thought was almost too much for him, and he sensed his movements speeding up; even more so, as two strong and muscular legs wrapped even tighter around his waist.

He reached an arm down to his neck and awkwardly pulled Ianto upwards, close enough for that they could kiss, and he could feel the other man hard against his stomach. That was all it took before he found himself finally reaching his climax, followed almost simultaneously by Ianto, pressed firmly against him.

“Christ, Ianto…” he breathed. “I love you…”

Whatever Ianto’s response was was muffled as he reached for a pillow and buried his face against it, allowing it to drop away as his strength left him.

Jack lay there for as long as he could after he’d collapsed on the other man, until the position demanded that he move. He slipped away and quickly discarded the used condom, before regarding Ianto. With a devilish look, he ducked downwards and licked his way across the now sticky abdomen before him. When he was satisfied, he licked and nipped his way up Ianto’s body until he was settled on his elbow, at Ianto’s side, reaching out to play with the fine hairs on his chest.

He watched as the young man’s chest rose and fell, until his eyes rested on his face. Ianto’s fringe, usually combed upwards, was flattened to his brow with sweat. Jack kissed the satisfied half smile that played on the young man’s lips and then pushed the damp hair gently to one side. Ianto had been different since he’d spoken to Rhi and then his Mam- more confident. He’d even let himself be dragged by the hand through the Hilton’s Reception and towards the lift after they’d collected the key card and Jack had ordered a bottle of Moet to be delivered to their room as soon as possible. Jack liked the change.

“Move in with me.” He blurted out.

What?” Sleepy eyes flickered open.

“I said, ‘move in with me’.”

“I’m there most of the time anyway…”

“My point exactly, Ianto. I can’t remember a night we’ve spent apart recently, and half your stuff is at my place. Half my stuff is at your place.”


Not for the first time in their relationship did Jack speculate as to whether he’d said something completely beyond the pale, but he still pushed on.

“We’ve got two flats on the go- there’s no reason for it. And your family knows about us now…. You’ve gotta know how much I care for you. Love you…”

“I love you too… but we’d have to change all our contact details at work. We might even be taken off the same flights…”

“Like anyone on the crew would care- it’s not like we’re all over each other, and that doesn’t have to change.” Jack dismissed Ianto’s concern with a confident grin. “Worst comes to the worst, and we could both go back to the European flights. At least we’d end up spending more time together, instead of having to just pretend we’re not together even when we’re technically off duty…”

Ianto lay there, deep in thought.

“And my flat’s not the most welcoming of places- we could look for another place- together. After all, you wouldn’t be paying rent and there’s not much of a mortgage on my flat… And I’ve got savings. ”

“OK, OK- just let me think about it? It may have escaped your notice, but I’m bloody knackered, Jack. I’ve just come out to my Mam, and you’ve just shagged me senseless- literally.” He yawned and shifted to cuddle against the older man’s shoulder.

Jack lay back and wrapped his arms around Ianto. This wasn’t over yet- as soon as he had the chance, he was going to get an answer to his question.


Jack finished eating his breakfast at the small table in the corner of the hotel room and then walked across the room with his cup of coffee and sat cross legged on the bed watching Breakfast news on the hotel room’s TV. He looked to the man at his side. However tidy and fastidious Ianto could be about his work, or some facets of his personal life, in other aspects he could be downright slobbish, something that Jack found totally charming. He was currently engrossed in the International news section of The Independent, precariously balancing a plate on his lap which held a cup of coffee and the flaky remains of a croissant. With his free hand he dipped the last piece of pastry in the strong dark brew, and then popped it into his mouth, leaving a tiny crumb at the corner.

Jack smiled. Neither of them had had time to bathe before their breakfast had arrived, and Ianto’s hair was endearingly tousled, tufts sticking out at peculiar angles. He placed his cup on the bedside table.


“Mmm…” Ianto’s eyes were still fixed on his newspaper.

“You know what I was saying last night?”


“About moving in together?”

“For Christ’s sake, Jack! I’m having breakfast!” He said with exasperation, his eyes never leaving the article on what had been dubbed ‘The Arab Spring’. “But the answer’s yes… YES!”

Jack’s eyes widened and he surged towards him. Ianto saw the movement out of the corner of his eye and just about managed to grab the plate before he found his lips crushed against Jack’s; a backwards movement of his arm and he managed to shove it onto his bedside table, scattering pastry crumbs onto the sheets and floor, but not dislodging the coffee cup, just as Jack pushed him down onto his back.

“I’m telling you- you won’t regret this, Ianto…” he mumbled against his mouth before proceeding to kiss him insensible.


Ianto knew he ought to tell Toshiko the news, but on every occasion that it seemed that they had a moment to talk, either on the flights, or when the crew had some time to themselves, they were joined by someone else, or the moment was lost.

The same thing couldn’t be said for Jack, not when it came to Owen. The two men spent most of every flight locked into the flight deck together, and conversation had come easily on their first shift back at work.

“…just got some ‘me time’ and went out with friends.” Owen had replied when asked if he’d enjoyed his time off.

“Not out on the pull then?”

“Nope, I thought I’d give that a rest for a bit after Diane…” he said pensively.

“Probably very wise…” Jack said, as he looked wistfully out of the window.

“How about you? Or shouldn’t I ask what you’ve been up to?”

Jack turned back, shaking his head. “Very funny, Owen. Me and Ianto went down to Wales.”

“Aw, very sweet. Visiting the homeland?”

“Actually, Ianto was catching up with his family.”

“With you?”

“Well, yeah. I met his Mum and his sister…”

“Bloody Hell! It is serious!” Owen exclaimed.

“I guess so… we’re moving in together…”

“You’re fucking joking!”

“No. He’s moving into my place, we’re going to see how things go. Maybe look for another flat together.”

“You’re not joking are you?”

“Nope,” he smiled contentedly.

Owen gave a low whistle. “We’ll good luck to you both, I guess. You both seem cheerful enough… But I never thought you’d crack Teaboy, there.”

Jack all but tutted. “Yeah, I really think this might work out… but this is between the two of us again, Owen. I don’t need this having the kibosh put on it before we’ve even given it a go.”

“Jack, everything said in this cockpit stays in this cockpit. ‘Pilots’ Honour’,” he ended jokily.


Rhiannon had positively squealed when Ianto had given her the news of his change of address. His mother hadn’t been that much better, although distinctly more restrained. Everything had been easy when it had just been the two of them, cocooned away from work and family - so easy that he’d been able to kid himself about how much he cared about Jack. Now, he was getting used to being asked how Jack was whenever they telephoned (and he was sure that his family ‘phoned more often now he’d told them the truth), and used to being part of a couple again. He knew that, soon, if he was in any way serious about this relationship, he was going to have to confront the rest of the world.

In reality though, not much had changed in the month since Ianto’s decision to move in. Jack and he had spent many of their days off filling tea chests and boxes with Ianto’s belongings, and ferrying them across town to Jack’s spare bedroom.

Jack had even made discreet enquiries with the Torchwood Management. It had helped that he’d known quite a few of the Management Team since he’d joined the airline, or they had been in the RAF, too.

The Head of Personnel had served in the same Squadron, albeit ten years earlier, and when Jack had arranged a meeting and then explained that he was moving in with ‘someone from the crew’ he’d dismissed the pilot’s worries. When Jack had explained that that ‘someone’ was a steward, and that they weren’t ready to shout about it from the rooftops just yet, his face had been a picture as he first processed the information and then found himself unable to do anything other than wish Jack and Ianto well.


To be continued…

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