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"Come Fly With Me" Chapter 22

Title: "Come Fly With Me"
Rating:  Adult concepts- but not OVERLY explicit this chapter. Possibly suitable for 16+?

Spoilers/Disclaimers :  Torchwood, belongs to the BBC and RTD, I’m just borrowing the characters.

Summary: Torchwood characters in a story set in the glamorous world of international travel!

A/N:  Just a short and possibly saccharine chapter! And thanks to EVERYONE who’s reading and reviewing- I really am amazed how much some of you are liking this!

Chapter list:  http://wanda1969.livejournal.com/12215.html

Chapter 22



The thirty minute journey to Jack’s flat was spent with Ianto explaining just how his confession to Rhiannon had come about, and exactly what her reaction had been. When he’d told Jack that she’d asked him what the other man was like in bed- and what his reply had been- Jack had laughed so hard that it had taken him almost a full minute before he regained his composure. There had even been a second or two when he feared that Jack would drive off the road.

“Glad to hear you were complimentary! And there was me thinking you might have forgotten all about me while you were away…”

“Well, perhaps I could do with a reminder of just how brilliant you are…”

“Mmm- I suspect that could be arranged,” Jack looked over at him, an eyebrow raised in such a way that it left Ianto in little doubt that the other man was already making plans to reacquaint him with some of his skills. “And you can remind me precisely how talented you are in that department…”

“I’ll look forward to it, Sir.” Ever since those early days, when he’d just started work with Captain Harkness’ crew, calling Jack ‘Sir’ had become a jokey term of endearment- and usually a sure-fire way of making sure that he had Jack’s full attention.

“Oh God, Ianto- keep saying that and I might not make it home… It’s not exactly playing fair…” he said with a moan.

“OK, OK!” Ianto chuckled, and then quickly distracted Jack with questions of what the older man had been up to while he’d been in Wales, which turned out to be very little: a negligible amount of housework, a fairly quiet night out with friends, and a lot of lying about on the sofa, or in bed, catching up with DVDs, TV and sleep.


Apart from a compelling kiss as they’d settled into Jack’s car at Heathrow, their contact had been minimal since Ianto had set down at the airport. Arriving at Jack’s flat, Ianto’s luggage had been retrieved from the boot, and the younger man had had to hold himself back from taking Jack, there and then, possibly over the bonnet of the car. The thought had Ianto fantasising… but he resolutely resisted, sure in the knowledge that the flat was only a couple of floors away. It wasn’t so easy to resist when they reached the front door, unlocking it and dragging the case inside. As soon as Ianto kicked the door closed behind them, suitcase forgotten in the hallway, he was pushed against the wall as Jack took full advantage of the opportunity before him. Ianto didn’t resist in the slightest; instead he battled to flip position, and the older man was soon at a disadvantage, held against the wall as Ianto kissed him, needily, to within an inch of his life, every thought of carefully unpacking, and laundry, immediately gone from the young man’s mind.

Hands gripped at clothed flesh and fingers got to work on buttons and buckles. Before either of them knew it they were falling onto Jack’s bed and Ianto quickly forgot the messy trail of garments which littered the hall, the sitting room, the bedroom…

“God, I really have missed you, Ianto…” Jack breathed as he straddled the other man’s thighs, leaning down to touch their lips together. Ianto could feel his breath, his warmth- and the fact that Jack was just as aroused as he was.

“Me too,” Ianto muttered as his lips moved to pinched at Jack’s throat and neck.

Pauses and kisses punctuated Jack’s words. “You… have… no idea… how much… ”

“I think I do…” he said and grinned against a smooth and well-defined shoulder.

Despite the frantic coupling, and the desperate way that Ianto had pushed inside the man above him, there was a sweetness about the act. Perhaps it had been there all the along, but the Welshman had never noticed before.

Far too soon, they collapsed against each other, breathing heavily, arms and legs tangled together.


They lay in bed, slightly propped up against the pillows. Jack lifted his head from Ianto’s shoulder and looked at the other man’s profile. His eyes were closed and a contented half-smile graced his lips, but Jack knew he was awake.

“So… when are you thinking of going to see your mum again?”

Lazily, Ianto opened his eyes and turned to Jack, still smiling but a little less relaxed. He gave a sigh. “Next month, I guess. Rhi suggested some time ‘round my birthday, but I’m not sure that finding out that I’m going out with a man is what she really wants to hear about while she’s giving me a birthday card.”

“She’ll be alright. Anyone who’s brought up two well-balanced kids like you and Rhiannon has got to be pretty understanding.”

Ianto chuckled. “You seem pretty sure about that- I wish I could be. And who said I was well-balanced? Or Rhiannon- you’ve not met her yet!”

“OK, point taken. But you seem pretty well-balanced to me!”

“Mmm. I’m not sure you’re that good a judge…”

“A guy could take offence at that,” Jack grinned.

“I wanted to spend my birthday here, not bloody well coming out to my mother,” Ianto groaned.

“It won’t be that bad.”

Ianto looked away. “Yeah, right.”

“I could come down with you… we could stay in a hotel. That way, if it goes badly, I’m there for you to come back to. If it goes well, I’m there for you, too.”

“You don’t want to be spending your time off in Wales, dealing with this.”

“I think I know how I want to spend my time off!” Jack said and paused, lifting a hand and placing it on Ianto’s cheek. He gently and carefully turned Ianto’s head and their eyes met. “Ianto, I’m here to support you… You do know I love you, right?”

The younger man’s eyes widened. Jack’s hand dropped away and he feared he’d said the wrong thing; that, despite the time the time they spent together, Ianto didn’t feel the same way after all.

“I- yeah. I love you, too,” Ianto said quietly. Apparently he hadn’t imagined or misheard the older man the other night when they’d said goodnight on the ‘phone- and he realised, rather belatedly, that this had gone way beyond sex, or casual dating. He also realised, that when it came to Jack, he seemed to be developing a habit of not really recognising just how he felt about the man.

Jack leant in to kiss him; it wasn’t harsh or frantic, but it spoke of genuine and deep affection. He pulled away. “Thank God for that!” he said. “I would have felt pretty stupid if it was just me.”

Ianto just smiled nervously.

“So, it’s decided then? We both go down, stay in a hotel. I can do a bit of sightseeing while you see your family. Hey, and that way I don’t get round to missing you that much.”

“You do realise that Rhi will want to meet you? And mam’ll wonder why I’m staying in a hotel. And, presuming she doesn’t throw me out of the house, she’ll want to meet you, too, if she knows you’re there…”

“Your sister sounds like fun! And I don’t mind meeting your mum. We’ll come up with some excuse for why you’re staying in a hotel. Anyway, if you’re going to tell her about us, I ‘spose she’ll understand why in the end…  

“I suppose so,” Ianto conceded. “Look… Let’s not think about that just yet, eh? I’ve spent the last five days thinking about- and being with- my family, and the last two days wondering if I did the right thing telling Rhi.”

“Fair enough… but I think you did the right thing,” Jack said, voice low. He reached over to grasp Ianto’s hand and touched their lips together gently.

Spurred on by Jack’s earlier admission, Ianto was soon reaching out, pulling Jack even closer to him. “I hope so, I hope so…” he mumbled against Jack’s mouth. Momentarily, he paused and looked into the other man’s darkened deep blue eyes. “I seem to remember something about you showing me exactly how fucking brilliant you are…”

Jack’s eyes crinkled at the corners with a silent laugh. “Oh, yeah… and to think I’d almost forgot about that!”

As Jack peppered his skin with feather light kisses, Ianto fleetingly found himself wondering when sex had turned into lovemaking, before he decided he didn’t care in the slightest.


To be continued…


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