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"Come Fly With Me" Chapter 21


Title: "Come Fly With Me"
Rating: This chapter’s safe for work and kids.

Spoilers/Disclaimers :  Torchwood, belongs to the BBC and RTD, I’m just borrowing the characters- I own nothing here, nor do I make any money! So please don't prosecute!
Summary: Torchwood characters in a story set in the glamorous world of international travel! Fluffy, romantic and cheesy in the extreme, I suspect!

A/N:  Just chat and introspection in this one. And thanks to anyone who’s reading and reviewing.

Chapter list:  http://wanda1969.livejournal.com/12215.html

Chapter 21



It was only a ten minute taxi ride back to the The Glendower Hotel, but it was enough time for Ianto to reflect on the day.

He’d never meant to tell Rhi about Jack; he liked to think he would have found it in himself to tell her about him, but he knew that without her unconscious prompting, he wouldn’t have said anything at all. But now he had said something, he felt somehow lighter, as if a weight had been lifted off his shoulders- or maybe that was just the beers.

He wasn’t sure what he’d expected from his sister, but she’d reacted remarkably well. After his spur of the moment (and somewhat alcohol fuelled) admission concerning Jack’s prowess, he’d returned from the bathroom and found Rhiannon eager to question him more. He had managed to keep the conversation general, steering her away from questions which were just that little too intimate.

Now, the only obstacle that he could see ahead was eventually talking to his mam. In his hazy state, even that didn’t seem so bad. 


Rhiannon waved her brother off in his taxi. Johnny was well on his way to being utterly pissed; he and the few remaining die-hard guests were either leaping ‘round the sitting room, having decided that the Wii wasn’t too challenging at this time of night, or happily huddled on the two sofas watching the others.

Ianto had asked her to keep his revelation to herself for the time being, and she’d agreed, even though she knew it was going to take all her reserves of willpower to keep a secret this… surprising. Her brother had insisted that this ‘Jack’ was nice, and he appeared to be genuinely happy- happier than she’d seen him in ages. Still, the odd doubt niggled in the back of her mind. Jack was older, and the pilot to boot, and, as much as Ianto insisted that he wasn’t being take advantage of, she had to wonder. But he was a grown man and he made his own decisions, and if the smile on his face when he talked about the other man was anything to go by, he was totally infatuated; she prayed that this other man felt the same way. Rhiannon wished Ianto well, but she worried that his relationship with another man might have all kinds of repercussions. She was sure that no-one down in London probably gave a hoot whether he was gay or not, but in places like the Cromwell Estate- and worse- some people weren’t quite so tolerant. And then there was his work- did Torchwood have ‘non-fraternisation’ policies? She shook her head. She was meeting Ianto at one of the pubs in town the next evening, hoping to have chat which didn’t involve quite as much to drink as Johnny’s party had.


When he reached his room Ianto kicked off his shoes and took a small bottle of continental beer from the mini-bar. He removed his clothes fumbling with the buttons, and dropped onto the bed, and looked at the clock on the bedside table. It was late, perhaps too late to call Jack, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep without telling Jack what had happened at the party. He was sure that Jack had recently shown every indication that he wanted Ianto to be more open about their relationship, at least with friends or family. Hoping he’d read the signs correctly he dialled Jack’s number. 

“Hi,” Jack answered drowsily.

“Hi there. Did I wake you up? It’s late.”

No, no, just lying on the sofa, watching TV. Forgot what time it was. How’s it going? You sound like you’ve had a few beers.” He sounded more awake now, and the last sentence was said with amusement.

“Yeah… I guess I have had a bit too much to drink.” Ianto was suddenly aware that he’d reached the point where his speech was starting to slur slightly. He laughed. “’M back at the hotel now. Kinda enjoyed  myself.”

See- it wasn’t that bad, then!”

“Nope, no it wasn’t. Had a good chat with Rhi.”

Good. But did you manage to escape the clutches of her mates?” Jack teased.

He  laughed again. “Oh, yeah. And I don’t think they’re gonna be much of a problem in the future.”


“Yeah. Told Rhi I was seeing someone…” he said nonchalantly.

Oh…” Jack repeated, and Ianto sensed the disappointment in his voice, sure that the other man expected that Ianto wouldn’t have mentioned exactly who that someone was.

“Yep. Told her I was seeing a rather dashing… handsome… pilot.”

There was silence at the other end of the ‘phone, and Ianto was suddenly anxious that he’d done the wrong thing after all. Those worries were interrupted by a surprised, but happy, laugh.

What? You actually told Rhiannon?” Jack asked.


“Wow! God… how did she take it? I’m presuming the answer’s well- you don’t sound like someone who’s just been disowned…

Ianto let out a sigh of relief- even over the ‘phone it was obvious that Jack was pleased, supportive and flabbergasted, all at once.

“She took it well, but if I were you, I’d start to be afraid, very afraid. She wants to meet you…”

I’m sure I’ll be able to cope! I like the sound of your sister. Apart from when she was trying to fix you up with her mates, that is!  At least it doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen again in a hurry!”

“I think that’s a given…”

How come you ended up telling her?” 

“I… she sort of overheard me when I called you. She got it totally wrong- asked me who Jacqueline was.”


“She thought I said Jacqueline… or Jackie or something.”


“An’ I kinda thought you wouldn’t want to turn up in drag, pretending to be ‘Jackie’, if they invited you ‘round.” Ianto joked. “I think that would be even harder for them to deal with than… than you, just being you.”

I see what you mean! Are you OK, though?”

“Oh, yeah. I thought it would be harder- I think quite a bit of Lambrusco softened the blow for her…”

It would! How about your mum?

“She’d left by then. I don’t think I can cope with another conversation like that one- not just yet. Told Rhiannon I’d visit again, soon- next time I’ve got some proper time off, and speak to mam then… I’m sorry.”

Hey, sorry for what? If you need to see your family, you know I don’t mind… And you know I’ll be there for you…”


We’ll sort it out when you’re back home.


And you’ve only got two more nights until then… well, one and a half, if my clock’s right about the time…

“Sorry,” Ianto apologised again as he looked at the alarm clock, suddenly tired after the day’s events; Jack was right, it was only a few hours now until breakfast. He’d arranged to have it in his room, but still had to at least be awake to accept the food when it was delivered. “I’d best go- you need to get some sleep.”

You need to get some sleep…”

“OK, I’ll speak to you tomorrow. Miss you, Jack. G’night.”

’Night, Ianto. Love you.”

They’d both rung off before Ianto had time to process that last comment, and then he looked at his mobile in shock. Jack had never said that to him before. He might have said he loved the way that he smiled, or the way that he kissed him, but he’d never said that he loved him before… If it hadn’t been for the fact that the amount of alcohol he’d drunk was starting to catch up with him, he would have had a restless night, his mind going over everything that had happened. Instead sleep came easily, and his last conscious thoughts were of his ‘phone call to Jack.


The ‘plane was making its descent towards Heathrow, and Ianto’s trip home was well and truly over. He looked out of the window, glad to be returning to the city that he now called home, and to Jack.

Monday had been a strange day. He’d driven over to Newport to spend his last afternoon with his mam. He’d felt a bit of a fraud, happily chatting with his mother, knowing that, soon, he was going to have to speak to her about Jack, and all the while he was thinking about the other man’s last remark to him.

He met up with his sister at The Wharf in Cathays. Monday nights were quiet in the pub, and they sat in an out of the way booth. He should have known that talk would quickly turn towards his personal life, and two hours went by as he’d told her more about Jack: how he was one of Torchwood’s most experienced and respected pilots, and how he’d been married, and in the RAF even though he sounded American because he’d spent his childhood there. It was clear that his love life was the most interesting piece of news she’d had in quite a while.


Half an hour of watching a series of cases, bags and rucksacks appear, pass by, and then disappear again as the luggage carousel’s conveyor belt slowly chugged by, and Ianto was finally rewarded as he saw his suitcase hove into view. Impatiently, he grabbed his case extending the handle, and walked briskly through the Internal security channels

Reaching the Arrivals area, his eyes searched the waiting friends, family and business colleagues. He smiled broadly as he saw Jack amongst the crowd, and strode purposefully towards him. Ianto slowed as he reached him, and was drawn into a warm but outwardly friendly and innocent embrace.

They separated quickly, both aware that it wasn’t inconceivable that they might see, if not their fellow crew members, other Torchwood workers, or colleagues and acquaintances from other airlines.

“Good to have you back,” Jack smiled genuinely.

They started towards the exit. “It’s good to be back,” Ianto replied.

“Certainly sounds like you had an eventful weekend there.”

“More eventful than I expected, that’s for sure!” he said, knowing full well that Jack was referring to his impromptu ‘talk’ with his sister.

They reached Jack’s car, and loaded Ianto’s luggage into the boot. It was only just over half an hour by car to Northfields.


To be continued…

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