wanda1969 (wanda1969) wrote,

"Come Fly With Me" Chapter 8

Title: "Come Fly With Me"
Rating: 18 this chapter, I think- Thoughts/suggestions of sex, naked men. .

Spoilers/Disclaimers :  Torchwood, belongs to the BBC and RTD, I’m just borrowing the characters- I own nothing here, nor do I make any money! So please don't prosecute!
Summary: Torchwood characters in a story set in the glamorous world of international travel! Fluffy, romantic  and cheesy in the extreme, I suspect!

A/N: Right- only slight suggestions of smuttiness (I’m not a good judge of these things so it’s down as an 18). Thank you so much to everybody who’s reviewed this and encouraged me. And thank you if you’ve done that via Facebook- I haven’t responded purely because I’ve never been on FB, and don’t understand anything about it at all. 

Chapter List: http://wanda1969.livejournal.com/12215.html

 “Come Fly With  Me” Chapter 8



Half asleep, Ianto was part way through a decidedly pornographic dream which, disturbingly, involved himself and Captain Jack Harkness. As he drifted into consciousness, he became aware of a possessive arm wrapped around his waist. A body was pressed closely against his bare back. Confused, he was now fully awake, and the next thing he was aware of was that the arm was distinctly muscular, as was the body- and quite clearly male. An equally muscular (and male) leg was draped over his thigh.

The realisation hit him that the dream wasn’t actually a dream at all, but was in fact memories of the previous night. A night spent with Jack.

He gave a quiet groan which he hoped was inaudible. His hopes were dashed when the body behind him shifted and he heard a small yawn. Lips pressed against his shoulder.

“...Mmm...morning...” the familiar American voice mumbled sleepily.

Ianto froze, muscles tensing.

There was a pause before the voice spoke again, more awake now. “Ianto... Are you OK?”

The Welshman wondered briefly what to do, or say. There really was no use trying to pretend that he wasn’t in this situation. He couldn’t even make a run for it- this was quite obviously his own flat, he thought, looking around. It was far too late for that now he was here, in bed, naked, with Jack. There wasn’t even a way to try to pretend the night hadn’t happened. It obviously had. At least they hadn’t shagged, he thought with relief mixed with what he knew to be a little bit of disappointment. Ianto wasn’t even sure that he wanted to forget last night. He wasn’t some blushing virgin, or  shrinking violet.

He shifted onto his back, but didn’t look directly at Jack, and smiled. “I’m OK... just the usual embarrassment of the morning after the night before.” Ianto turned slightly, eyes still averted. “You know, it’s not exactly an everyday occurrence for me- waking up after sleeping with a colleague.” He nibbled at his lip briefly. “...And a male colleague at that. And the bloody pilot, too...”

Jack gave a sigh. “It’s not exactly an everyday occurrence for me, you know...” Her reached out his hand and gently turned Ianto’s head towards him. “I’ve told you before: I don’t mix business and pleasure... even if I have to say that last night was possibly the most pleasurable evening I’ve ever had.”

Forced to look into Jack’s eyes, Ianto found he was incapable of saying anything other than “Oh.”

“Ianto, I know that I’ve got a reputation at Torchwood. But ....all the time I’ve been there, I’ve only been in this situation with one person from the company... you... ”

Ianto muttered, “Oh,” again. He realised that he had to say something more, something more expansive.

“I really should go shouldn’t I?” Jack said quietly, and dropped the hand from Ianto’s cheek as he moved to put a little distance between them.

“No...I...” Ianto fought to find words to say. “I don’t want you to go... I’m just a bit confused about all of this. I’m... straight. But...”

“Ianto- I’m not gay. Let’s just say I’m... open-minded.” Jack said with a wry smile. “And anyway, I seem to remember someone saying they were re-evaluating their sexuality...”

Ianto blushed a little and looked away, giving an embarrassed laugh. “Yeah, well... I think a lot of people find it hard to think straight around you...” Realising what he’d said, he turned back to Jack. “Oh, God! That wasn’t meant to be a pun!”

The pilot let out what could only be described as a chuckle. “I’m kinda hoping that was supposed to be a compliment?”

“Yeah... I guess it was...” he said and the corners of his mouth curled up ever so slightly. Ianto realised his embarrassment was evaporating very quickly; in fact, he was beginning to feel more relaxed, more natural- even if he was lying in bed completely naked with a man. It occurred to him that this was one of the more comfortable ‘mornings after’ he’d experienced, especially when he considered that the person sharing the bed was Jack. He really looked at the other man. Jack was indeed good looking, the cleft chin and chiselled features gave him the air of a Hollywood leading man. He felt his stomach flip a little as his eyes raked down to the smooth, toned chest and he felt almost grateful that the duvet covered up the rest of the body. It was too late, though, as recollections of the night before flooded back and he remembered that the rest of the body in question was similarly toned.

“Well at least there’s that,” Jack said.

“I didn’t mean it to sound like that... God! I’m crap at this!” The close proximity to the not- quite- American was obviously interfering with his normal ability to form coherent sentences. “I... really enjoyed last night,” he blurted out as if he’d made his decision.

Jack didn’t say anything- he just stared at Ianto, his eyes searching for some kind of hint of what Ianto wanted him to do. The younger man held his gaze, and so, slowly, he leaned forward and kissed him.

He worried that Ianto would tense again, like the night before, like this morning, but he didn’t. Instead his arm reached out, clutching at Jack’s hip, and he deepened the kiss without any prompting whatsoever. It only took a fraction of a moment for Jack to react, pulling Ianto closer so that their bodies touched from toes to lips.

It didn’t take long for Ianto to realise that he was half hard- and so was Jack. It didn’t take much longer for him to realise that a trip to the lavatory might well be a very good idea, before it became a near impossibility.

He didn’t move his hand from Jack’s hip as he broke the kiss. He grinned. “I think... I need to go for a pee, before anything else...”

“Now that’s possibly a very good idea. Are you coming back to bed?” There was a hopeful glint in Jack’s eyes.

Ianto was thoughtful. “I think so- if you want me to....”

“Do you doubt it?” he said and brushed his lips against the tip of Ianto’s nose.

It took all of Ianto’s reserves of confidence to push back the covers unselfconsciously and walk to the bathroom naked. It seemed almost ridiculous to look for clothes for the walk there when the other man had already not only seen, but touched and kissed, what felt like every part of his body already.


Ianto looked into the mirror as he splashed cold water over his face and rinsed his mouth. In some ways he didn’t really feel any different, but in others... Well, in others he felt completely different. For a start, he’d woken up, in bed, with Jack Harkness, and Jack Harkness didn’t even seem to be in the least bit regretful or phased by the whole experience at all. On the contrary, he was eager for some sort of repeat performance. And he’d responded to that- he wanted it, too. He supposed it didn’t really matter where this was going. He’d already started it now and he wasn’t sure whether he wanted it to stop.

He left the bathroom and walked back into the bedroom. Jack was sat at the edge of the bed and his eyes darted down, then up, Ianto’s body appreciatively.

“Mmm...” he murmured as he got to his feet and walked over. With a hand on the Welshman’s waist he leaned in and nibbled at Ianto’s ear. “I think you were right about needing a pee” he said, and with a quick peck to Ianto’s temple, he headed off to the bathroom, looking entirely at ease with his own nakedness.  Ianto turned and his eyes were drawn to the Captain’s very perfect arse. He shook his head as he mused on precisely just when he’d got to the point that he thought another guy’s arse was ‘perfect’- Some time since he’d met Jack, that’s bloody when, he thought- before deciding to switch on the coffee percolator in the kitchen.

He filled the coffee machine with water and a generous amount of coffee and switched it on, and by the time he’d made his way back to the bedroom door, Jack was leaving the bathroom next door.

Jack caught him by the hand, kissed him tenderly, and then spoke quietly. “Now where were we?”


 It was after 3 o’clock in the afternoon when Ianto next woke, a dark tousled head nestled against his shoulder. A large hand rested on his chest and firm legs tangled with his.

He turned his head and nuzzled the dark brown hair. It smelled of Jack and sweat and sex, with a trace of citrusy shampoo. It smelled amazing and comforting at the same time.

A voice drifted up to him. “You’re awake.”

“So are you,” He smiled as the head lifted and blue eyes looked into his fondly.

“It’s getting late. You must have things to do...”

“Yeah- the hoovering, maybe the laundry... ” Ianto snorted and pressed his lips to Jack’s forehead.

“On a Saturday?” Jack laughed.

“I know- not exactly exciting is it? How about you?”

“Pretty much the same,” the other man groaned.

Ianto was quiet for a moment. Jack didn’t look like a man who was in a hurry to leave. “You could stay...And you must be famished- I could get us some food, maybe a takeaway... I mean, that’s if you’re not doing anything else...” the younger man said with uncertainty.

The pilot was surprised. When he’d woken up this morning he’d half expected Ianto to politely manoeuvre him out of the flat at the very least, or, worse, ask him to leave, but instead he was taking this whole... thing... in his stride. He hadn’t imagined he’d be invited to stay on for something to eat, dinner even. Thinking of the events of the night before, Jack decided that Ianto Jones had an impressive aptitude for sex. In reality, it wasn’t that often that he’d had another guy go down on him while he was giving them a blow job- not even when those guys had actually been gay, and most definitely not the first time they’d slept together. It was something he was keen to repeat, and he hoped he’d find out what other hidden skills Ianto had. Not that he was going to push for anything more in a hurry; the last thing he wanted to do was lose the man’s friendship.

“That sounds great, Ianto- I’d love to, if I’m not getting in the way...”

“Does it look like you’re in the way?” Ianto raised his eyebrows.

“I guess not!” Jack said with an amused expression.

“...Exactly...” Ianto murmured and leant into kiss him.

Jack was puzzled (and more than a little worried) when the Welshman pushed him away a moment later.

“Shit! I put the coffee machine on! ”


“I started making coffee, then you distracted me! And tired me out.”

“And that was a bad thing?” Jack said with a laugh

“...mmm, well...no. Definitely not...but the coffee will be stewed...”

“It’ll be fine...”

“OK. Well, do you want me to get you a cup? I think I need caffeine.”


To Be Continued...


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